Designing the 3000 sqft flagship store for Flying Machine started from the brand’s edgy identity. The prime street facing store location, meant the design had to have high visual appeal.

The Restore POV

The aim for Restore, was to create a cool space, that is audacious and youthful. At the same time, showcase a celebration of denim as the core agenda of the store design.

The Details

The unconventional design of the fixtures, plays an important role inside the store with their clinical and futuristic look.  The glossy pieces are cutting-edge, but not distracting from the product itself. The denim fixtures surrounding the columns, create a panoptic structure enveloping the customer. They are the blue beating heart of the store. Sleek design combined with the right lighting gives the fixtures a sophisticated technological edge.  At the outset, the angled facade makes a loud and unapologetic statement. A key ‘WOW’ factor.  To retain the raw nature of denim, the shell of the store is made to look untreated. Blue splashes dominate the space, through columns details and electric signages. Irreverent stripes on the floor mixed with unconventional black tiling add to the graphic punch. Flying mannequins float defying gravity, and are crystallized in gymnastic movements and poses, denoting the flexibly of denim.  Rules are meant to be broken, expectations are meant to be surpassed. The new Flying Machine store designed by Restore does all that and much more, Welcome to the new cool.


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