Amidst conversations about Pheras, Sangeeths and Mehendis, a trip to Manyavar is inevitably on the list of things to do.  The trust and dependency the Indian customer has on Manyavar, a store where families experience joy and festivity in the air while they shop, was the beginning of the idea – To celebrate every moment.  With the introduction of Mohey, Manayars feminine counterpart, the challenge was for both these identities, to feel harmonious when housed together and resolute when housed apart.

The Restore POV

With celebration at the epicenter of the theme, warm joyous colors, flowers and festive elements followed.  Marigold-orange envelops Manyavar, while Jasmine-cream adorned Mohey. Custom wallpapers and carpets were developed to add a signature charm to the space. A generous use of gold hues, give the space the opulence and grandeur of any joyous Indian wedding. This 7500 sq ft flagship store in Jayanagar, Bangalore,  also includes an exclusive brand within Manyavar – Twamev. An indulgent private shopping space in every sense of the word – Service by appointment, limited edition garments & fashion advisors. It is a contemporary space with soft curves and decadent green marble flooring. Fixtures in gold tones, emulate a bird cage that holds garments and also perched are some charming gold parrots, a symbol of celebration and happiness.

The Details

The new retail identity for Manyavar & Mohey is fit for it’s recognition as an icon and leader in it’s category. Pushing the boundary on fixtures, materials & colours, helped create a joyful store that houses some of the best celebration wear in India. By providing a wholesome experience from the first step in to the last step up out, Restore designed a space that is meant to enhance the experience of the happiest moments of a customers life. Celebrating with the customer and also, celebrating the customer themselves.

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