Created in partnership with Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team, the fashion brand has exemplified edginess and breaking the status quo. Wrogn has always pushed the boundaries of retail design. This spirit is reflected in the flagship store at Connaught Place, as well. And when it came to inspiration for ideas, we didn’t have to look too far.

The Restore POV

.The design idea was born out of the existing Neoclassical style of CP. One of the portico columns, was aligned to the front of the store, blocking its visibility. Instead of being discouraged, we embraced this challenge; repeating these columns into the store. Thus re-creating a classical temple, the temple of Wrogn. Some of the most iconic sculptures of the greco-roman world were reconstructed, with a twist that’s reflective of the brand’s edginess. To add more to this already unexpected experience, we layered a digital realm of Iconic paintings, pictures of the original sculptures reinforcing the story via panoramic screens.

The Details

With a aid of local artists and sculptors in Kerala, we developed the right way to add a wrong twist in the sculptures. It was important to us to add a light-hearted kick in these otherwise strict pieces of art. The fixtures highlight the expansive height at the entrance and were developed to be sleek and seamless, to accomodate for the density of the product. Some of the central columns were intentionally broken, seamingly hanging off the frame of these fixtures to add a dystopian theme and at the same time,  to breathe in some lightness into the space. At the end, we created a world perfect for the Wrogn Brand. The brand philosophy, ‘Question everything’, is encouraged and pushed to the very limit, in this one of a kind retail experience.


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