The retail space of Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers in Bangalore was their first foray outside their home base of Chennai. VBJ boasts of an illustrious heritage, during the course of which they’ve built a legacy worthy of envy.

The Restore POV

Keeping in mind VBJ’s legacy, we were clear that the store had to showcase the brand’s heritage, while exhibiting their ability to be the torchbearer of new trends. Therefore, the retail design solution had to be a blend of the brand’s legacy and the its ability to be one step ahead of today’s digital natives. The design gives shoppers visual relief and creates an unhindered view of the complete range, giving shoppers a memorable retail experience.

The Details

The impactful and imposing façade showcases the rich heritage of VBJ. The deliberate use of beige and gold along with the strategic use of a partially reflective bronze mirror adds sophistication to the ambience. Interesting storytelling across the space forges a connect between the brand and the shopper. We drew attention to the exquisite craftsmanship behind the VBJ jewellery through a heritage wall that displays the brand’s hallmark pieces.