"Restore team brings a lot of creativity on the table. A lot of unique solutions, within the business constraints."

Gaurav S. Kushwaha, Founder & CEO at Bluestone

"Thank you Restore for giving us the most brilliant store"

Umar Akther, Director, Koskii

"The turnaround time of Restore is amazing. Working with them has been like working with an in-house agency."

Kunal Asar, Vice President, Pretty Secrets

"Restore has done a fantastic job in bringing the best of both worlds - offline and online, in the store."

Aashish Benjamin, AD Marketing at Myntra

"Restore understood the expectations of Barbeque Nation and our customers. We loved interacting with them. They added immense value to the process."

Sameer Bhasin, CEO at Barbeque Nation

"Restore has created a complete 360-degree experience of the brand in the store."

Tribikram Mishra, Brand Head at Roadster

"Restore has worked very closely with us from the starting to make the store designs on par with any other international brand. I must say they have a great professional team."

Sushilkumar Velayudhan, RH at Cuppa Group

"We have had the pleasure of working with Restore for the last two and a half years."

Alok Dubey, CEO at Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

"Restore has done a fantastic job with the Wrogn store. They have captured the essence of the brand in the design of the store."

Anjana Reddy, CEO at Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd.

"They are customer-focused while raising the bar for the competition. After the new concept these departments & offerings became prominent and distinctly visible to customers; consequently, sales went up."

K E Venkatachalapathy, CEO at Arvind Retail

"We were looking for a unique design solution and we came across Restore. We saw some of their work with Rattrap and others, which was very unique and we hadn’t seen in the retail space. We contacted them and found them very interesting in terms of product innovation and their team."

Sanjay Dalmia, Managing Director at Coupon

"There has been a lot of love and dedication, a lot of hard work, way over the call of duty. It's one of the best Social."

Riyaaz Amlani, MD at Impresario

"We have had some outstanding experiences with Restore."

J Suresh, MD & CEO at Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd

"The new design of Onesta captures the philosophy of Onesta and delivers the experience in its entirety"

Sona Yadav, Founder, Onesta

"Restore team truly goes above and beyond. They feel like members of our own team."

Karan Behal, Co-Founder and CEO at Pretty Secrets

"Restore is one of the most professional companies in the country. We enjoy working with them and hope to do more work with them in the future."

Anjana Reddy, CEO at Universal Sportsbiz Pvt. Ltd.

"Restore thinks and creates. The store design is unique and unlike any other store that exists."

Jithendra Vummidi, Director at VBJ

"They did everything from brand identity to retail design which was exceptionally good. They have a very committed & passionate team. They helped us in visual merchandising too. I believe they got an award for it."

Rajiv Merchant, CEO at Sports Connect

"Restore has helped us turn around our ideas into successful ones. They came up with a brilliant idea and delivered on it."

Kayum Dhanani, MD at Barbeque Nation

"Restore has done some amazing work. Our first store has come together very well in terms of ideas and execution."

Anant Narayanan, CEO at Myntra and Jabong

"Restore has been a great partner. They have been instrumental in creating customer journeys and choosing the right technologies for the store."

Karan Sehgal, Senior Product Manager at Myntra

"We recently decided that we would like to have a product display area in our reception where people could understand more about 3M. We have seven distinct businesses dealing with products as diverse as stationery, home products, automotive products and healthcare products. Most people didn’t know that we are more than a Post-it note or Scotch Brite. With this is mind, we began to look out for an agency that could take this brief and translate it for us. Through a recommendation we were connected to Restore Solutions."

Sandhya Ganapathi, Corporate Communication at 3M India