Allen Solly, the fashion brand owned by Madura Garments has a chain of retail stores devoted to women’s wear. These are the Solly stores.

The Restore POV

Solly speaks to the ambitious and fun loving woman of today. She wants a little bit of everything and miss out on nothing. So we decided to create a store that reflects her go-getter spirit.

The Details

The loft-themed space is an unusual mix of contemporary minimalism and modern vintage. We turned the front facade and entry into an angled walkway done in glass with a simple metal frame. The space exudes a warm yet modern vibe with the use of white washed brick walls, concrete washed ceilings and white wooden floorings mixed with the use of brand colours. We even paid tribute to the brand’s roots with furniture that is inspired from the modern English vintage. This eclectic collection adds a lively touch to the space.