Smoke House Deli is a much loved bistro that’s all about offering great food in an ambience that’s relaxed and fun. Perfect place to hang out with friends, away from the maddening rush of the city outside. But a change in the menu was the perfect opportunity to spruce up the bistro. So that was the brief: redesign Smoke House Deli.

The Restore POV

At Restore, we’ve always believed in story telling and its power to bring brands alive. For Smoke House Deli, we built the customer experience around the central idea of abundance.

The details

The first thing you’ll notice is that food and wine fills the island bar. The mood of a European bistro shows in the furniture, use of light materials and the greenery. The art on the walls is whimsical.

Our challenge was to preserve the art, so we researched new materials and methods. Hand painted tiles fill the walls, lending an artisanal value to Smoke House Deli. You can’t miss the the handmade sculptures and curated elements Every inch is handcrafted and meant to make you smile. We helped breathe new life into a much loved brand.