• At Restore, we ensure that your store stands out from the competition.
    Store & Space Design
  • We create a uniform store experience and design across formats and location types, ensuring a chain store image.
    Retail Identity
  • This is the language in which a brand or store speaks.
    Environmental Graphics & Signage
  • Our fixture designs are custom-made & characterized by a unique brand signature.
    Furniture & Fixture Design
  • We translate the Brand Code and its visual equity across all graphic elements to achieve recognition and differentiation across all the brand’s touch points.
    Brand Identity
  • Is your season’s theme relevant to your brand? Is it coming alive in the window? Does it make your store stand out?
    Visual Merchandising
  • We help Private Labels make the transition into becoming Brands, albeit in a limited ecosystem, by lending simplicity and boldness, so they go on to become full-fledged brands in their own right.
    Private Label
  • We believe the packaging must do three things: evoke a response, tell a good story and speak directly to its prospect. After all, good pack designs tell great product stories.
  • Our projects team ensures seamless execution by developing technical drawings and doing site visits – to deliver the envisaged store within the decided specifications.
    Site Visits