This was Roadster’s first offline store and therefore we had to radically re-think the nature of retail. This meant infusing the store with an interactive and immersive customer experience. It was huge leap forward in experiential retail.

The Restore POV

Customers until this point had interacted with Roadster as purely an online brand. Roadster’s first retail store had to be a pioneer in the Indian retail environment. Thus, we decided to create a personalised experience for each shopper that walks into the store. We seamlessly integrated physical and online worlds, to create an experience like never before for the digital natives who walk into the store.

The Details

The design of the retail space conforms to the core idea of the brand: a celebration of ‘The Outdoor Life’. We did this using the visual metaphor of a garage. The voice of the store is a digital façade that makes the store stand out on the high street. An ‘Attract & Entertain’ zone, comprising of digital screens takes over, as the customer enters the store. The multitaction and video wall draws the shoppers into the world of the brand and creates an engaging conversation through bespoke visual content. The selfie zone invites customers to get creative and have some fun while they shop. All in all, shoppers get to savour a multi-sensory experience at Roadster.