Project Eve is a tribute by Reliance Retail to a woman’s perspective of fashion, beauty and luxury. A place to get away from the niggles of the world outside, get pampered and savour the latest in fashion from multiple in-house, national and international brands.

The Restore POV

The vision wasn’t just to create one more retail outlet where women can shop. No, Project Eve is every diva’s green room, her space where she gets to unwind, pamper herself and chill. Far away from the glare of the outside world.

The Details

We created an array of bespoke design elements to engage and interact with the shoppers. Starting from a personalised shopper journey to innovative and luxurious dressing rooms. Project Eve also houses a café and salon, offering shoppers islands of rest and rejuvenation. Thoughtfully designed dressing rooms offer personalised services of a stylist to create that bespoke look. It is retail therapy in the truest sense of the term.