In a world where kids are born glued to their screens, Pratham Books is a non-profit publisher with a noble mission: Introduce children to the joy of reading. Our task was to design an office space for these wonderful folks.

The Restore POV

Readers have habits that mark them out so clearly. So we decided to celebrate the entire process of first learning to read and then discovering its joys. This was the inspiration behind our design solution for their office space. And we loved every moment of bringing this project alive!

The details

So we started with a bright design idea that brings alive the company’s purpose. A bold splash of yellow and quirky iconography combined with bespoke ceiling lights creates a nice vibrant space. We brought alive the idea of literacy using a key graphic hook – ‘words’, manifested playfully on walls and even decor props. Like the black slate that all kids use when they start learning. All across, the office space is designed to connect to the core objective of child literacy via books.