Wrogn has its fundas sorted: don’t just upset the apple cart, send it crashing. Question every single thing. Because there’s no such thing as conventional wisdom. Even the brand ambassador is quite the hell-raiser: Virat Kohli.

This being the case, why should our stores toe the line? Which is why when it came to designing Wrogn’s new outlet at Lulu Mall, Cochin, we literally thought out of the box.

So, we treated boxy shipping containers as a visual metaphor for a brand that breaks out of the box. We then splashed them in yellow. Bright, bold and breaking free of all clutches. No constraints, no boundaries. We have a larger than life Virat throwing himself across the store ceiling. To ‘catch’ a falling container. Even our mannequins aren’t the dainty sort, standing quietly in a corner. We got this rebellious bunch flinging themselves across a container on its side.

Store Launch:
January 2018