VH Innerwear

Van Heusen innerwear and athleisure store extends beyond what the brand is originally known for; formal and casual clothing. It’s a retail space that helps you make an informed buying decision.

Place and Time
Chennai, India; March 2017

Our focus
Retail Environment Design, Visual Merchandising

The thought
The idea was to bring alive the brand through its highly-recognised logo. We used the ‘V’ across the space to create a unique look for the environment and to increase brand recall.

A few finer things
The space is divided into two areas, innerwear and athleisure. The façade is an interpretation of the ‘V’ . It represents the entry into the brand. We used the oblique line derived from the logo in different forms, patterns and materials across the space. The products are displayed outside their packaging, breaking a category norm. Offering relevant information in a most compelling way and helping the shopper buy, the store is redefining retail principles.