USPA Denim

The new USPA retail space houses the denim segment of the brand. USPA is a brand immersed in American heritage and the game of Polo. The new retail space takes forward that connect and merges it with the denim values, giving it an authentic touch.

Place and Time
Bangalore, India; Jan 2017

Our focus
Retail Environment Design, Visual Merchandising

The thought
The new retail environment is a testament to the brand’s rich heritage. It is a statement from the brand about its uniqueness and authenticity. We designed the USPA Denim space to reflect the values of the parent brand, but also bear the unique mark of denim, which is primary focus of the space.

A few finer things
We designed the retail space to give the consumers an authentic feel of the brand. Infused with elements of the sport, Polo and highlights of American symbols, the retail environment invites the consumer to be a part of the brand. The spirit of the sport is captured across the store. The retail space gives the consumer an authentic experience and the best of the brand.