Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder, one of India’s largest and most loved online furniture brand, entered into the offline world with a purpose of giving shoppers a more tangible and personal experience. Somewhere to physically see and feel the products they love and explore more ideas. It’s a retail space that helps people imagine and create their new home.

Place and Time
Bangalore, India; July 2017

Our Focus
Retail Store Design, Fixture Design, Customer Experience Design

The thought
We were tasked with three objectives; inspiration, visualisation and consultation. The retail store is a perfect blend of these elements. While products shown in different settings give the shoppers a realistic idea, the customer experience design focuses on helping them take an informed decision. From terrariums to different elements paired in a setting, like lamp shades, carpets, curtains and other decor items, the store is full of ideas that can inspire the shoppers.

A few finer details
We conceived a collection of bespoke design elements to engage and activate the shoppers, from the impactful façade, the coming alive of different sections of a home; living, bedroom, dining, etc. to the workshop area, kids’ area and a reading corner. The customer experience design fosters the element of consultation, so that shoppers get a great experience. The customers stories in the retail store create a wall of trust and a sense of belonging to the brand. The shoppers can also browse through the complete catalogue on the iPads placed near each section. The UL retail store is a place where shoppers can fully immerse in the process of the creation of their home.