Project Eve

Reliance Retail’s Project Eve store extends far beyond any retail commandments, to encompass a woman’s world composed of beauty, fashion, unique personal experiences and luxury. It’s a store for every woman. A place to relax, get pampered, connect and enjoy the latest fashion from multiple in-house, national and international brands. A retail space truly different by its DNA.

Place and Time
Mumbai, India; June 2017

Our Focus
Retail Environment Design, Customer Experience Design, Fixture and Furniture, Visual Merchandising

The thought
The vision was to create more than a place where women can shop, but to create a world in itself, where women could find time to relax, create their bespoke look, get pampered, experience luxury in every form and also enjoy a unique shopping experience.

A few finer details
The concept of Project Eve was envisioned by us as a place which resembles a backstage, where the diva is relaxed and getting ready. We created an array of bespoke design elements to engage and interact with the shoppers, from a unique shopper journey to innovative and luxurious dressing rooms. Project Eve houses a café and salon giving shoppers places to recharge and relax. Expansive dressing rooms offer the services of a personal stylist to create a customised look. Offering safe haven from the humdrum retail spaces, Project Eve focuses on the people that matter the most, women.