Pretty Secrets

One of India’s fastest growing lingerie brand Pretty Secrets, believes in providing style and substance across their product range. The new retail space is an emphatic re-telling of the brand’s core values.

Place and Time
Mumbai, India; April 2017

Our Focus
Retail Environment Design, Visual Brand Language, Visual Merchandising

The thought
The retail space is a re-creation of a woman’s personal space where she is comfortable trying on lingerie. The deliberate usage of brand colours brings forth the young and vibrant face of the brand.

A few finer things
A veiled façade creates intrigue and adds a dash of coyness to the retail space. With the brand formerly present only online, the design merges the online and offline seamlessly. The endless aisle feature gives the customers more options with a single tap. The retail environment accentuates the choices and likes of the brand’s customers by integrating social media communication with the space.