Polar Bear

The ice cream destination Polar Bear, marked a new chapter in its journey with a fresh new brand identity and positioning. They transformed into an ice cream parlour with a primary focus on ‘Sundaes’.

Place and Time
Bangalore, India; May 2017

Our Focus
Retail Environment Design, Fixture and Furniture, Visual Brand Language

The thought
The new Polar Bear space was designed with the thought of ‘Reclaiming the Sunday’. The space creates a relaxed atmosphere for a lovely Sunday evening with sundaes.

A few finer details
The main signage at the entrance is designed to give maximum impact. We used the brand colours to add vibrancy and a dash of youth to the parlour. The blue is used to add a cooling effect to the space while the yellow reflects happiness. The use of geometric lights adds to the visual appeal of the space. We designed the community seating to give more space for moments of togetherness. It is a place where families can share a great sundae and spend a great evening together.