Pantaloons Kids

Kids stuff. But not child’s play.
What if your prime customer is a child? How do you know what they like and what they’d like to see or buy? Well you do what Restore did with Pantaloons Kids.
Get a dozen children together, give them fake money to spend and let them loose in a prototype store. This gave us a deep insight into what attracted their attention, what held them and what didn’t.
Using bold, impactful colours and coding them by age groups helped children go (and take their parents) directly to the zone which catered to their needs: an inclusive purple for 7-14, vibrant orange for toddlers and a bright yellow for infants. Bolstered by elements like welcoming wrist bands, a stickers book, a “kid size” shopping bag and a specail fragrance this store creates a strong brand identity.
Making it the first kids store partially designed by kids. For kids.