Koskii Tower

The façade is a statement of power and feminity coming together. The power of the brand and the delicate craftsmanship of the lenghas.

The entry with a lit logo etched in bronze mirror on the ceiling – at the top of a grand wide staircase – makes the customer feel like she is making a royal entrance.

The window displays are dramatic in their simplicity – with suspended mannequin forms from gold bead chains.

The first impression of the store is “awe inspiring”. Product in focus on the ground level and on the mezzanine – one per jalli arch framing the mannequin.

To the left there is a brand statement with the POS – crafted in wood and bronze metal – with a logo etched into the mirror. The mirror stretches elegantly to the ceiling – accentuating the elegance and strength of the brand.

The story telling in the store – is crafted perfectly. Highlight different product categories – with evocative display of product, explaining very simply the detail and love that goes into the making of the lengha.