The new Himalaya Moms and Babies continues the brand’s philosophy of providing herbal and safe products. The retail space exudes more warmth, thus creating a strong emotional connect.

Place and Time
Bangalore, India; April 2017

Our Focus
Retail Environment Design, Fixture and Furniture Design, Visual Brand Language

The thought
Himalaya is well known for its ayurvedic products. Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine. We wanted the retail space to be  relaxed and warm mirroring the feeling of wellness.

A few finer things
The space design leans towards apothecary-inspired ideals and moves away from the pharmacy look. The primary reason for this change is to give the space a more genial feel.

The feature wall highlights the brand’s main products and gives information on the herbs used in the products. The tray structure of the fixtures derives its form from the 16th century medicine shops. The retail space makes mothers feel welcome and cared for.