Entertainment Store

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s the Entertainment Store!

Its where pop culture and comics, superheroes and fantasy, science fiction and games meet and create a space specially for teens and young adults.

The surreal, asymmetric facade, and the stores three bold colours everything speaks of urban, millennial chic: perfect for cosplay, apparel, books, comics, games and more that it features.

Restore’s designer chose yellow, grey and black as the ruling colours with just a touch of red in the signage. The materials are concrete, checker plate, brick, perforated metal sheet and metal mesh which brings to mind the backstreets of New York, the habitat of the three most iconic superheroes.

Two stand out design features are the telephone booth (where Superman changes costume and character) styled Trial Room and the quartertone effect on the signage (known as the a ”ben day dot” pattern) redolent of old comics blown up really large.

THe Entertainment Store is a perfect destination store for its targat audience. Up, up and away!