Bluestone took mall locactions to ensure small but visible stores. And to encourage walk ins.

The façade is open. But a really large dramatic screen on the façade to showcase the kind of designer jewellery avaialble – to entice customers, build desire and get them to walk in.

There is a small window display in the façade – again to showcase at close range the product.

The stores are designed linear and symterrical to ensure ease of browsing and navigating the store. Customers are encouraged to approach the walls and interact with the jewellery. To make this easier there is a rose gold ledge that runs the length of the walls. The ledge serves to keep pieces for trial.

Wall units are alternated with full height mirrors. Making trial and admiration easy.

The messaging in the store is worked out beautifully. There is a combination of designer collection stories; reassurance messages on quality, certification and buy back. And then there is the messaging which reinforces the online presence of the brand – lost more to see and buy from.