BBQ Nation

Barbeque Nation extends far beyond unlimited food that it offers, the brand strives to deliver a great customer experience. The reinvented BBQ Nation is another step in that direction. The restaurant space continues the tradition of ‘always more’.

Place and Time
New Delhi, India; August 2016

Our Focus
Retail Environment Design, Fixture and Furniture Design, Visual Brand Language

The thought
The reinvention stays true to the roots of BBQ Nation, but it is a huge progression from the original identity of the brand. By design, we captured the roots of ‘barbeque’ and brought it alive in a contemporary and comfortable environment.

A few finer details
The restaurant experience by keeping the primary offering, food, at its core. We started with the table as a focal point of design and created the restaurant space around it. Moments of restaurant theatre unfold through the space via a live kitchen in the centre of the restaurant. A series of live counters in the space further accentuate the offering of ‘unlimited food’. True to the brand philosophy, the restaurant space offers a holistic experience, food and memories.