The store façade is inspired by a typical NY building. And this continues into the store with the wall fixture design – in form its from floor to ceiling accentuating verticality, made from wood and brass.

The layout of the store has an imposing back of POS in the centre of the store. With a most imposing brand visual of a “gentleman”. The POS section which has a Shirt Bar on the reverse – to reinforce Arrows strength in shirts. This section of the store has a monogrammed carpet on the floor with gold mirror in the ceiling.

The visual highlights in the store tell the story of the brands key products and categories.

The fitting rooms are wall and floor in the brand colour providing a rich experience. There is a timeline featured in brass. And the opportunity to browse the endless aisle on a tablet here. Seating is extremely comfortable in the area outside the fitting room – given that men seldom shop alone.