2GO’s first offline store celebrates active life inspired by the elements of different sports. The retail store extends beyond the high-performance active wear it sells, to incorporate inspiration and motivation to pursue an active life.

Place and Time
Bangalore, India; June 2017

Our Focus
Retail Store Design, Fixture and Furniture Design, Visual Merchandising, Environmental Graphics

The thought
Our idea was to unite the retail space with different sports to encompass a wide range of options for people to get inspired from. The vision was to create a store that inspires and motivates people to pick up a sport or any athletic activity for a healthy life.

A few finer details
Our concept, ‘The Sports Arena’, merged unique facets of different sports like cricket, track running, MMA, basketball, etc. and a stadium to create the 2GO store. The ceiling is inspired by a stadium roof while the mesh structure comes from a MMA octagon. The space is a striking reflection of an Olympic stadium where multiple sports make an appearance. The fixtures and visual merchandising follow the brand’s appeal of an active life. The authenticity of the stadium approach is further developed in the trial rooms, which mirror the locker rooms of a team. The 2GO store stays true to the brand’s synonymous nature with adventure, adrenaline and achievement.