About Us

Confederation Of Clones

We live in a world that is increasingly undifferentiated and complex. Customers who interact with retail brands can’t find a good enough reason to pick one over another. Resulting in experiences that are steeped in sameness. Which is why, at Restore, we believe a bold and impactful truth is at the heart of all memorable customer experiences.

Cracking The Code

Every engagement begins with an incisive and insightful discovery, that helps uncover the Code for a brand. We then find inspiring ways to articulate it. Once the Brand Code is in place, we use a rigorous process to provide specialised services that help create a differentiated and effective customer experience.

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The Restore POV

Our tools are ideas and our purpose is to deliver results. We do this with passion, skill and commitment. We breathe life into retail stores. Most importantly, we help give a store brand its voice, express its values and articulate its point of view.

The Leverage

The bottom line is this: We understand brands and how they work. We understand shoppers and how they think, feel and behave. We understand retail, its role and the ground realities in which it operates.

The Team

At Restore, we are an extremely diverse team. Members of our team come from many nations, cultures and with varied skill sets: architects, engineers, product designers, interior designers, graphic designers and visual merchandisers. Add talent, passion and a commitment to systems and process, and you have an unbeatable combination. In other words, at Restore we are delighted to have people who produce great work and are great to work with.

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Anirudha Mukhedkar
Founder & Director
Lisa Mukhedkar
Co-Founder & Director
Kripa Pattabiraman
Lead - Consumer & Brand Insights
Federico Fraternale
Head of Design
Anushikha Rentala
Lead - Design Strategy
Santhosh Kumar
Head of Projects
Alberto Sarasa
Lead Designer
Tanisha Rakesh Arora
Visual Merchandiser
Luca Zamparo
Daksh Sharma
Daniele Pino
Product Designer
Arun S Deshpande
Lakshmi Gayathri
Shreesh Misra
Product Designer & Visual Merchandiser
Emanuela Gresta
Vinod Kumar
Project Manager
Ezekiel R Machado
Anjali Nar
Jason Rebello
Sushmita Kumari
Anushka Rashada
Interior Designer
Anuradha Bhamidi
Asha L Kammar
Quantity Surveyor
Rahul Suresh
Sudheesh Kumar
Sreejith Mohanan
3D Artist
Satna T V
Aparna Nambiar
Brijesh Kukadiya
Kishan Boda
Shreya Khurana
Anugrah Nair
Procurement Engineer
Prashanth Kumar
Head Production
Rajashekar K M
Head Finance
Ganesh Ambali
Finance Executive
Pradeep S N
Finance Executive