Our Philosophy

We are increasingly living in a world which is undifferentiated, complex and ambiguous. Most customers who interact with retail are unable to find a reason good enough to choose one over the other, resulting in customer experiences that are steeped in sameness.

At the heart of Restore is the belief that a bold and impactful brand truth is the only source of inspiration for all customer experience. We call this the Brand Code.

We begin every engagement with an incisive and insightful discovery that helps uncover the Brand Code. Then we find inspiring ways to articulate it. Keeping the Brand Code at the centre, we use a rigorous process to provide expert and specialised services that help create a differentiated, meaningful and effective customer experience.

Our tools are ideas and our purpose is to deliver results. We do this with passion, skill and commitment. We breathe life into retail stores. More importantly, we help in giving a store brand its voice. Express its belief. Articulate its point-of-view.

Finally, we understand brands. And how they work. We understand shoppers. And how they think, feel and behave. We understand retail. Its role, intricacies and the ground realities within which it operates.


The Restore Experience

Behind every unforgettable store experience is the Restore difference.
That’s really just three things:
1. A multidisciplinary, multicultural studio with teams based in Bangalore, Paris and Amsterdam
2. A rigorous process
3. Passion for detail


Our Vision

To be a world-class design practice, which excels in creating an unforgettable experience for shoppers, thereby helping build successful and profitable businesses for our clients.