Onesta is a chain dedicated to serving lip smacking pizzas. Our objective here was to design a memorable retail experience. It’s pizza, after all!

The Restore POV

At Restore, we had a very clear point of view for this space – that while the retail design had to tell a store of Italian authenticity, it also had to ensure that its narrated for the sensibilities of the Indian audiences.

The Details

The retail design is a story about the origins of Pizza, showcasing its vintage Italian roots, but with a contemporary spin that is reflected through the choice of colours and materials.
So the olive green metal facade with meshed glass gives passersby a glimpse of the buzz within Onesta. These elements feature in the open kitchen, as well – a nod to the authentic manner in which pizzas are prepared. The olive green and red furniture are bright, simple and light. The colourful lights on the ceiling manifest the cheerful mood that follows when people gather for pizza.