Restore is proud to reveal its breakthrough into HARMONIZED RETAIL! With the goal of designing a ‘smart’ jewellery store of the future, we have built a seamless shopping experience from offline to online. Bringing a first-of-its-kind jewellery store to India!

The Restore POV

Our major challenge was to translate the agility of the online stores to the offline stores. We achieved this, through the modularity of the fixtures and a curated product & fashion digital information display. Another crucial aspect was to emphasise that fine jewellery could also be fashionable, and this is clearly tackled through the overall visual character of the space and treatment of signages and materials. The store concept of the “Un-Jewellery” was aimed to combine digital complexity, with design simplicity. We have ended up with a fresh & young store that is not seen much in jewellery retail.

The Details

The facade is an ombre of “Melorra Blush”, a colour we developed together with the brand. The subtle tone on tone materials enable the store to be iconic and recognisable. It reveals a femininity and freshness that is so far unseen in the world of fine jewellery in India.
In order to modernise the way of selling fine jewellery, the fixtures are custom designed to be agile and the jewellery is more accessible to the shopper. Each element is specially engineered to be modular, permitting the store to configure numerous merchandising options. The digital interfaces are programmed to display the right content beside the related collection, encouraging brows-ability as well as providing fashion information relevant to each of the jewellery collections. The central “Bliss Bar” allows for customers to try out products and further check out merchandise available in both the online and the offline stores. The “New this Week” section is bathed in gold to draw attention to new products based on the hottest trends. The large mirrors amplify the space and provide a softness to the overall design, while the linear layout of the fixtures bring order and clarity.
By minimising the overall distractions of the store, the focus remains solely on the uniqueness of the product.

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