Melorra is a fashion-forward online jewellery brand which provides lightweight real gold and diamond jewellery created for the contemporary wardrobe of the modern woman.  Restore was asked to bring about a cohesion between the online stores and the offline retail space – for this digitally native brand – at a brand level.


The Melorra brand identity was initially built for the online space. Our object was to provide a seamless brand experience that translates across the onlines and the offline space, while representing Melorra in the way the brand wants to be seen. We also had to ensure a harmonious language when it came to instore digital elements, that allow the consumer to navigate the various methods of viewing product instore – a reflection of the online store.


The rebranded Melorra world, was done in a way to work well for both the online and offline scenarios. The edited typography, logotype and colours are elevated, elegant and fresher. The “Melorra Blush”, was a colour developed for the brand, to give it a fashion edge, while being in the same realm of their original brand colour. The typography is reminiscent of fashion brands – reestablishing and emphasizing the importance of fashion in the overall Melorra brand language. 

The digital content instore was developed to showcase trends and fashion information that lead to the ideation of the product. It was beneficial for the brand, to show all the workings behind the creation of the product through the digital interfaces – not just the making of, but the makers of Melorra as well. The content is cleverly categorized by “Category”, “Occasion”, ”Bestsellers” and by “Collection Themes,” allowing the shopper to view the product as per their convenience and reason for purchase. As a part of the digital strategy we also envisioned empowering the staff through tablets that allowed them to stay on top of payment, product and customer management.

The same refinement was also brought to their purchase add-ons such as stationary, packaging and other collaterals. The new identity developed by Restore thus spoke to the fashion forwardness that they embody within the product and brought about a much required continuity to their overall language.

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