The overview

Imara is a refreshing new expression in ethnic wear segment. A brand that reflects the aspirations of the confident, free-spirited and stylish Indian woman. Exemplified by its brand ambassador – Jacqueline Fernandez.

The Restore POV

Our point of view springs from the belief that the shopping for ethnic wear, must be a contemporary experience as opposed to the age old adage of being a core traditional experience. Because while the young Indian female shopper is happy to wear ethnic wear on select occasions, she would still like to shop in a modern & contemporary environment. And by extension, she would also like to wear brands that are seen as contemporary. Which is why our design solution for the brand exemplifies the contemporary stance, in terms of the choice of materials and form.

The Details

Our retail design solution reflects the brand’s inclusiveness and welcoming spirit. The store features a confident, bold design. Simplicity in form is complemented by the use of strong, stable materials like wood and metal.
The free-spirited attitude of the brand manifests itself via the mannequins that swing from the ceiling, rather than being rooted to the ground. A gold chandelier made of sinuous curved gold rods adds a dash of style to the design of the store.