Elemental is a leading manufacturer of bespoke fixtures. They make in-store fixtures for some of the world’s most renowned retail brands. They required a retail booth for exhibitions that showcased their technologically advanced capabilities and the beautifully crafted fixtures of their skilled artisans.

The Restore POV

.The best way to win new customers is to showcase work done for current customers. So we conceptualised a retail booth that used products and materials that Elemental could design and manufacture. There’s no better way for prospective clients to get a first hand experience of Elemental’s capabilities.

The Details

To bring alive the retail booth, we conceptualized a labyrinth made of MS powder coated pipes – a key product sold by Elemental. The labyrinth presented customers with different samples one at a time. This helped customers appreciate product details in a tangible manner. At the end of the journey through the labyrinth, we created a chic meeting lounge equipped with a screen. Here customers could comfortably interact with the Elemental team for more details. The entire set-up was modular, therefore easy to assemble. Which makes it perfect for speedy assembly at exhibitions.