Work Culture

You could be an architect, painter, musician, choreographer, researcher, economist, psychiatrist, philosopher, poet or a salesman. But you chose to be a designer!

It is an exciting choice. You need to have the passion for designing creative spaces and coming up with ideas that are one-of-a-kind along with the need to be driven by results. At Restore, you will get an environment that is electric, high in energy, without the constraining air of hierarchy or rules.

Out here, everyone works for the same cause- unlocking the energy of a store!


Thinking of an internship in space design, fixture design, visual merchandising, branding and graphics? Why not look at the fastest growing retail design company in the most diverse retail market in the world? You’ll learn more, you’ll learn faster and you’ll live in a country where every day brings something new.

What could be more fun?

Write to to explore opportunities in one of India’s most highly-rated design companies. Restore also has interns from France, Denmark, Milan, Canada, etc.