Bluestone is a jewellery brand that started its life online before they decided to launch their chain of brick-and-mortar retail stores. So customers could touch, feel and try on their products – so very essential in the jewellery business.

The Restore POV

Bluestone is all about design. And in a high indulgence category like jewellery, design needs to be seen and touched. So we created retail design solutions that encouraged browsing and trials.

The Details

We created stores that are welcoming. The fa├žade is open, but with a really large screen to showcase the range of designer jewellery on offer.
The stores are designed in a linear and symmetrical manner, for ease of browsing and navigation. A rose gold ledge that runs along the walls features select jewellery for trial.

The wall units alternate with full height mirrors. Making trials easy and admiration easier.
The colour palette for the stores is inspired by the blue from the brand, reflecting strength and confidence with rose gold as a counterpoint. Thus in all of 600sqft, Restore created an experience that customers can cherish and come back for more.