Barbeque Nation is a restaurant that goes above and beyond the ‘unlimited food’ experience. The brand strives to deliver a great customer experience. So the reinvented BBQ Nation is another step in that direction. Therefore, the brief for the retail space is pretty clear: continue the tradition of ‘always more’.

The Restore POV

While the reinvention stays true to the roots of BBQ Nation, it leaps a fair distance from the original identity of the brand. Hence for the retail design, we have captured the core of ‘barbeque’ and brought it alive in a contemporary and comfortable environment.

The Details

We started with the table as the focal point of design and created the restaurant space around it. Moments of ‘restaurant theatre’ unravel through the space via a live kitchen in the centre of the restaurant. A series of live counters in the space further accentuate the offering of ‘unlimited food’. All in all, the restaurant design stays true to the brand philosophy of offering a holistic experience, unlimited food and abundant happy memories.