Arrow is one of India’s leading fashion brands, presented by Arvind Mills. The retail design solution for Arrow posed an interesting challenge: how do you cater to shoppers who are in the midst of a transformation?

The Restore POV

Men were always seen as rational shoppers, very clear about what they wanted. But the fact is, they are no longer shopping for what they ‘need’. They are beginning to enjoy the shopping process. They are turning hedonic. Thus, Restore’s retail design solution for Arrow didn’t just cater to the ‘conventional’ male, it focused on the evolving, sensitive male shopper.

The Details

The store façade takes its architectural inspiration from New York. This continues into the store with the wall fixture design – from floor to ceiling, accentuating verticality and made from wood and brass.
The store is laid out in clear zones. We have consciously integrated strong styling suggestions throughout. We have also created the fitting rooms in monotone whilst the walls and floor are rendered in the brand colour to aid the customer focus. Importantly, the experience is not just focused on the consumer, because men usually don’t shop alone. We have, therefore, created comfortable seating near the fitting rooms and provided laptops for the partners of the shoppers to browse for styles and looks.